Event Details

All participants will be issued a free parking pass as well as wi-fi connections.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and layer your clothes as Central Oregon temperatures vary widely from morning to afternoon.

View or print a map of the OSU – Cascades Campus where the event will be held.

Pricing Information

Before April 29: $700
Before July 14: $750
After July 14: $800
Lab fees for Science courses: $75

Lodging at the OSU – Cascades Residence Hall
If you would like to stay at the OSU – Cascades Residence Hall, you may choose this option during registration for $255 for the week.


Persons needing accommodation or transportation because of a physical or mobility disability or needing accommodations because of other disabilities such as hearing or vision, please call Catherine Halliwell-Templin at (541) 693-5713 or email apicinfo@hdesd.org.

What will be provided for you

  • Materials for your specific course
  • A thumb drive
  • Breakfast, lunch, water and a light afternoon snack
  • Parking Pass for the campus
  • Free Wi-Fi access

What to bring for a successful course

  • All instructors strongly encourage participants to bring a laptop or tablet to use during your course. Remember your power cords!
  • Refillable water bottle – Central Oregon is the high desert and is very dry!
  • Comfortable layered clothes – Cold mornings and hot days!
  • A friendly smile and a willingness to experience new people and new learning

What to bring/know if you are staying in the residence hall

  • Bedding, free parking and Wi-Fi will be provided
  • Bring your Personal toiletries
  • Bathrooms are shared between 2-4 people

Course cancellation policy

If a workshop session does not have 10 participants by 5:00 on July 8, 2019, it may be cancelled. Participants receive a full refund.

Maximum capacity of each course is 30 participants. Once the class is full, your name can be placed on a wait list.

Registration cancellation and “no show” policy

Registrants who have not canceled their registration and do not attend the institute will be personally charged the full amount of their registration, lab and lodging fees.

For more information about our refund policies, please visit our Fees page, look for the session you registered for, and under the Refund Policy header, click Details.

Institute certificates

AP® Institute of the Cascades will issue Professional Development Certificates for 30 hours of seat time in the last hour of the last day of instruction.

Grants and scholarships

Grants and scholarships will be available. Please visit the CollegeBoard’s AP Summer Institute Scholarships page.

OSU Credits

Certificates, Clock Hours and University Credits

At the end of the Institute, you will receive a Certificate with endorsement from the College Board for 30 professional development units and/or Washington Clock hours

Additionally we offer two different options for Oregon State University Credits

Participants can choose between:

  • Professional Development Credits (ED808) for $185
  • Graduate Credits (ED508) for $1472

In order to pass the course, the student must:

  • 40% Actively participate in 85% of the workshop activities.
  • 30% Submit a College Board’s Course Audit for the 2019-20 school year by email to the instructor by September 6, 2019. All components of the Course Audit must be complete.
  • 30% Submit a reflection on the first six weeks of implementation of the AP course by email to the instructor by September 6, 2019. The reflection (limited to 3 double-spaced pages) should include: 1) a short description of your course topic, course organization, and instructional practices, 2) reflections on student success as evinced in course assignments, quizzes, and tests; 3) student engagement and motivation, 4) plans for adjusting future instructional practices based on student learning and affect. Answers to these prompts should be thoughtful and written to the standards for a graduate course.

These courses are 3 credits. (ED 508 will be $1437 tuition and ED 808 will be $150 tuition) – application fee of $35

OSU ED508 Syllabus
OSU ED508 application
OSU ED808 Syllabus
OSU ED808 Application